Aden #23a (1945)

Aden #23a (1945)

Aden - 23A - 1939
Aden #23a (1945)

One of the countries that I avidly collect is the Southern Arabian British crown colony of Aden which issued stamps between 1937 and 1965.  Before that, it used Indian colonial stamps.  I currently have 40 out of 81 the colony released.  My favorite stamp (thus far) from Aden is Scott #23a which was released on January 15, 1945.  I love the detail of the engraving on this bi-colored — light blue and brown black — 14 annas stamp.  It depicts the British engagement on Siri Island which resulted in the capture of Aden in January 1839 and is based on a painting by Captain Rundle of the Royal Navy.  Perforated 12½, it was printed on paper watermarked with a sideways multiple script CA’s (for Crown Agents).

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