Afars And Issas #319 (1968)

Afars and Issas #319 (1968)

Afars And Issas #319 (1968)
Afars And Issas #319 (1968)

The French overseas territory of Afars and Issas issued stamps under that  name  for just under ten years but had evolved out of the original Territory of Obock and then as Côte Française des Somalis (French Somali Coast) before its renaming in 1967 to Territoire Français des Afars et des Issas.  This was to recognize the two primary clans of people that live in the area.  On 27 June 1977, a vote took place in which a landslide 98.8% of the electorate supported independence from France and the territory became the République de Djibouti, the name under which it exists to the present day.  It is located in the Horn of Africa, bordered by Eritrea to the north, Ethiopia to the west and south, and Somalia to the southeast.  The remainder of the border is formed by the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

In the ten year period under the name of Afars and Issas, the territory issued just 176 stamps.  The Scott catalogue begins their numbering of these stamps with the previous Somali Coast issues, explaining why this 1968 stamp is Scott #319.  It was actually just the tenth general issue stamp inscribed with the Afars and Issas name, part of a set of four released on May 17, 1968, portraying remote forts in the region (“administration centers” as listed in the catalogue).  This 25 franc value pictures the 19th century French Army fortress at Wadi Danan, near Ali Adde, and is colored bright green, black and brown.  Printed by engraving, it is perforated 13.

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