Ajman #C9 (1965)

Ajman #C9 (1965)

Ajman #C9 (1965)
Ajman #C9 (1965)

Ajman is the smallest of seven emirates, formerly known as the Trucial States, centrally located on the western coast of the present-day United Arab Emirates in eastern Arabia.  In 1948, the British Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia were set up to provide postal services to countries in the region with mail processed in Dubai using stamps issued for the Trucial States.  The first post office in Ajman was opened on 29 November 1963 by the Agencies.  The first stamps inscribed with the individual emirate name of Ajman were issued on 20 June 1964.  There have been many stamps issued for the emirate, but a great number of them had limited, if any, postal use. The Scott catalogue only recognizes a total of 64 stamps – 46 general issue, nine airmail, four airmail official, and five official – Ajman stamps released from 1964 and 1965 as valid.  To identify these unlisted stamps, the Oh My Gosh website is useful.  On 2 December 1971, Ajman joined the United Arab Emirates

I have a number of Scott-unlisted stamps from Ajman; in fact, these were the first non-Thailand obtained when I returned to stamp collecting a few years ago following a long hiatus.  I only have nine that are listed in the catalogue — the entire airmail set released in 1965 (Scott #C1-C9).  The multicolored with silver filagree high value — denominated 5 rupees — was issued on 18 December 1965 (I was just two weeks old!) and features a portrait of Sheik Rashid bin Humaid al Naimi along with a Lanner falcon.  Printed on unwatermarked paper by a combination of photogravure and lithography, the large-sized (53×33½ mm) stamp is perforated 14.

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