Åland Islands #72d (1993)

Åland Islands #72d (1993)

Åland Islands #72d (1993)
Åland Islands #72d (1993)

The Åland Islands are an archipelago situated at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia.  It became an autonomous province of Finland in 1921.  Autonomy means that Åland has its own parliament (Lagtinget, formerly the county council) and a government (provincial government, formerly the provincial authority). In 1954 the region got its own official flag.  It also has its own police force and its residents speak Swedish.  In the middle of 1991 the postal service in Finland was deregulated. Finland, along with Åland, became the first country in the world to open its postal market to competition.  Åland became an independent postal administration on 1 January 1993 and has issued its own stamps since 1 March 1984. There are a total of 16 communities in the islands, each with their own post office.

Scott #72d is one of four stamps that were issued in a souvenir sheet marking the ninth anniversary of the Autonomous Postal Administration and pictures the new post office emblem.  The mini-sheet had a total face value of 7 markka, 60 pennia with each stamp denominated 1,90.  The two center stamps were printed by engraving and perforated 14 while the left and right stamps were lithographed and perforated 12½x13.

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