German Post Offices in Morocco #20 (1905)

German Post Offices in Morocco #20 (1905)

German Post Offices in Morocco #20 (1905)
German Post Offices in Morocco #20 (1905)

The German post offices abroad were an extraterritorial network of German post offices in foreign countries with a significant German commercial interest to provide mail service where the local services were generally deemed unsafe or unreliable, such as China, Morocco, Ottoman Empire and Zanzibar. The system ended during or shortly after World War I. German post offices in Morocco (Deutsche Post in Marokko) started to operate in 1899.


Seven post offices were opened in December 1899 and another eight subsequently. German definitive stamps were diagonally overprinted with Morocco and the denomination; six values were released on December 20, 1899. After the first issue, the currency was changed to pesetas and centimos. German post offices closed in French-controlled Morocco on August 3, 1914 while the four in Spanish-controlled territory remained open until June 16, 1919.


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