Germany [Third Reich] #B201 (1942)

‘A Stamp A Day’ Takes A Holiday!

Germany [Third Reich] #B201 (1942)
Germany [Third Reich] #B201 (1942)

Guten Tag! ‘A Stamp A Day’ is taking a brief holiday as yours truly is simply too tired to put together an article today. It’s already been a busy week and it’s ONLY Tuesday! Busy with work, busy with studying, busy with cleaning, and busy with traveling back and forth to the airport (around 100 minutes each way, depending on traffic). I’m already exhausted.

Rest assured that I will return in one or two days. Next on the schedule is an account of the history and postage stamps of the German Federal Republic (1949-1990). In the meantime, I present one more semi-postal issued by the German Third Reich. This is Scott #B201, a deep purple 6 pfennig stamp with a 24 pfennig surcharge, the charity going to promote Germany’s annual Stamp Day. Printed by the photogravure process, the stamp was issued on January 11, 1942. I do enjoy “stamps on stamps” as a topical interest, but I get even more excited by those that portray philately “in action.”

One thought on “‘A Stamp A Day’ Takes A Holiday!

  1. A break is always good, in the meantime you could put together all your ideas, and after that you’ll continue the fastastic work you do for philately! Catalin


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