Queensland #67 (1882)

Queensland #67 (1882)

The Colony of Queensland was originally a part of New South Wales until Queen Victoria signed Letters Patent on June 6, 1859, separating the two colonies. Queensland was one of the six colonies which became the founding states of Australia with federation on January 1, 1901. Today, it is the second-largest and third-most-populous state in the Commonwealth of Australia. Situated in the north-east of the country, Queensland … Continue reading Queensland #67 (1882)

United States #1061 (1954)

The Territory of Kansas

The Kansas–Nebraska Act became a law on May 30, 1854, establishing the Nebraska Territory and Kansas Territory. One of the provisions of the Act repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820 and allowed the settlers of Kansas Territory to determine by popular sovereignty whether Kansas would be a free state or a slave state. The Territory of Kansas was an organized incorporated territory of the United States that … Continue reading The Territory of Kansas

Qu'aiti State in Hadhramaut #32 (1955)

Qu’aiti State in Hadhramaut #32 (1955)

The Qu’aiti State in Hadhramaut (الدولة القعيطية الحضرمية‎‎) is the same place as yesterday’s subject, the Qu’aiti Sultanate of Shihr and Mukalla (سلطنة الشحر والمكلاا‎‎), located in the Hadhramaut region of the southern Arabian Peninsula in what is now Yemen. The name was changed in 1955 and it continued being administered as part of Aden’s Eastern Protectorate. Covering approximately 70,000 square miles, Qu’aiti was the third … Continue reading Qu’aiti State in Hadhramaut #32 (1955)

Qu'aiti State of Shihr and Mukalla #13 (1946)

Qu’aiti Sultanate of Shihr and Mukalla #13 (1946)

The Qu’aiti Sultanate of Shihr and Mukalla (سلطنة الشحر والمكلاا‎‎  — al-Salṭanah al-Qu‘ayṭīyah fī ash-Shiḥr wal-Mukallā in Arabic), was a sultanate in the Hadhramaut region of the southern Arabian Peninsula, in what is now Yemen. Covering 73,359 square miles (190,000 km²), roughly the size of England and Wales, Qu’aiti was the third largest kingdom in Arabia after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of … Continue reading Qu’aiti Sultanate of Shihr and Mukalla #13 (1946)

United States #728 (1933)

A Century of Progress World’s Fair

On May 27, 1933, the Chicago World’s Fair — officially, A Century of Progress International Exposition — opened, following over five years of planning. Registered under the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), the fair was held from 1933 to 1934 to celebrate the city of Chicago’s. The theme of the fair was technological innovation. The fair’s motto was “Science Finds, Industry Applies, Man Adapts”; its architectural symbol … Continue reading A Century of Progress World’s Fair

Prince Edward Island #4 (1862) - forgery

Prince Edward Island #4 (1862)

Prince Edward Island (PEI, Île-du-Prince-Édouard in French) is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, west of Cape Breton Island, north of the Nova Scotia peninsula, and east of New Brunswick. Its southern shore bounds the Northumberland Strait. It is a province of Canada consisting of the island of the same name, as well as 231 minor islands. Altogether, the entire province has a land area … Continue reading Prince Edward Island #4 (1862)

Portugal #639 (1944)

Portugal #639 (1944)

The Portuguese Republic (República Portuguesa) is a sovereign state located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It is the westernmost country of mainland Europe. To the west and south it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and to the east and north by Spain. The Portugal–Spain border is 754 miles (1,214 kilometers) long and considered the longest uninterrupted border within the European Union. The … Continue reading Portugal #639 (1944)

Poland under German Occupation #NO10 (1940)

Poland under German Occupation #NO10 (1940)

The General Government — sometimes also referred to as General Governorate (Generalgouvernement in German, Generalne Gubernatorstwo in Polish, and Генеральна губернія in Ukrainian) — was a German zone of occupation established after the joint invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939 at the onset of World War II. The full title of the regime in Germany until July 1940 was the … Continue reading Poland under German Occupation #NO10 (1940)