From the Collection of Mark Jochim...A Stamp A Day

Please Stand By….

From the Collection of Mark Jochim...A Stamp A Day
From the Collection of Mark Jochim…A Stamp A Day

“A Stamp A Day” is taking a brief holiday due partly because of “technical difficulties” (i.e., dismally slow Internet making it difficult to upload images) and partly because of mental exhaustion from my work as a teacher. The Kingdom of Thailand (ราชอาณาจักรไทย — Ratcha-anachak Thai in Thai) is next in the alphabetical journey through the stamp issuers in my collection. Since this has been my home for the past twelve years, I don’t feel I can do it the justice it deserves given my current state of mind.

After 388 straight blog entries without a single missed day in over one year, I know the time commitment involved. After a long day of teaching (and today my students included the staff of a local bank and a neurosurgeon), it takes a lot of effort to sit down and begin the process. It the Internet isn’t cooperating, it makes the entire endeavor exponentially more difficult, even frustrating.

So, please forgive this brief hiatus. I will return tomorrow with a beautiful stamp representing a nation I love almost as much as the one in which I was born. I hope you find it to be worth the wait…

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