Brief Blogging Break Redux

ASAD Jochim #3 (2017)
ASAD Jochim #3 (2017)

After some minutes of deliberation, I have decided to take a brief blogging break, the first one in the 14-month life of ‘A Stamp A Day’. It is already after 5:00 pm here in Thailand and the prospect of pounding away at the keyboard on a Saturday night after a long day teaching just doesn’t appeal to me. Particularly after yesterday’s (and last night’s) Titanic marathon — more than 16,300 words (a new record that I hope stands for a very long time!) which truly wore me out (and I really rushed during the last half-hour to wrap things up, hitting the “publish” key mere minutes before midnight).

I’ve also postponed finishing this month’s “Postmark Calendar” on ‘Philatelic Pursuits’; I started putting it together this afternoon between classes and will probably finish it tomorrow, I hope to return to ASAD on Monday or Tuesday with an article about the colony of New South Wales. You may have noticed that I’ve been back-tracking a bit lately; I’d gotten all the way up to the U’s and was starting to put together what will be another huge entry on the United States when I received another mixed collection which added a few “new” stamp-issuing entities to my tally. The U.S. article will probably appear in early October (I’m hoping to keep it under 10,000 words).

Here are a few of the other upcoming issuers due to be featured on this blog:

  • French Territory of Niger (the independent republic having been blogged in late April)
  • North Borneo (still deciding on whether to use the monkey or the elephant)
  • Nyaslaland (I may do two — one on Nyasaland Protectorate and one on “plain” Nyasaland if I can find enough details about each to warrant separating them)
  • Obock (my single stamp from this entity is a postage due and may be a counterfeit; its catalogue value of U.S. $45 just doesn’t fit with anything else in the album I found it in)
  • Orange River Colony
  • The Ottoman Empire (previously blogged about via foreign offices, mandates and sanjaks, I didn’t realize I’d actually skipped this entity until I was preparing the entry about the Republic of Turkey last month

Under my current schedule, the entities currently in my collection will provide for daily entries through the middle of October. There may a be a few historical events, people, holidays, etc. thrown in along the way. The problem is always trying to match a subject with a stamp and vice versa. I used to use Wikipedia to source information online using their Days Catagory but then found an Android app called Today in History that does the same thing in a more convenient way. Mystic Stamp Company’s app is also quite useful.

Once I’ve created an ASAD entry for Zimbabwe (or, perhaps, Zululand if I order some stamps now), the alphabetical stamp-issuer articles will be finished. Of course, I will continue to add to this list in my never-ending quest to include “Stamps from Every Issuer” but they will be in no particular order and probably spread out considerably. In between, I’ll feature a lot more people and events or just choose random topicals. These don’t have to be tied to a particular day (although it’s nice to honor birthdays and anniversaries). I had thought about going to a less-than-daily format but I’ve decided that I would get lazy if I had too much time between entries. It will be a while until I run out of stamps worthy to be blogged about (the “uglies” only surface when I have too few stamps from a particular issuer to be as choosy as I’d like!).

Well, there. I’ve written just over 600 words on a Saturday evening. I can rest now and return completely refreshed in two or three days. In the meantime, enjoy one of my stamp “edits” in the place of today’s real stamp. If you like it, please let me know in the comments and check out a few others I’d done recently in my article on Philatelic Pursuits.

See you soon….

Design for Provincial Flag of Phuket,, Thailand ©Mark Jochim, 2017
Design for a Provincial Flag of Phuket,, Thailand
©Mark Jochim, 2017

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