ASAD Takes A (1-Day) Holiday

Korea, Republic of - Scott #875a (1973)
Korea, Republic of – Scott #875a (1973)

As I write this, it is early on a Sunday morning here in southern Thailand. It is my regular day off from work but I find myself a bit too bogged-down with school-related tasks to devote myself to the hours that putting together an article for A Stamp A Day usually entails. A large part of my duties as Deputy Head Teacher for the province’s largest teaching agency is organizing and running English camps for various regional schools. Normally, we are contacted a month or more in advance  but I received word yesterday afternoon that we had contracted to do a three-day camp this coming week (Thursday through Saturday) and that I needed to submit a proposal package by Monday morning. This will include details related to the theme requested by the school including full description of all activities, an hour-by-hour schedule, and scripts for an end-of-camp show involving three different presentations with speaking parts for 14 kids each. So, that is what I’ll be working on today rather than a fully-blown ASAD article.

Thus, I present the souvenir sheet featured above as it really needs to explanation depicting the familiar sight of children with a total of stamp albums. This brings to mind for me one of my few regrets in life:  there are NO photographs of me during my childhood with my stamp collection. In fact, the only photos I have doing anything remotely philatelic are all “selfies” created perhaps a year ago despite having collected for more than 40 years. Ah, well…. A single deep green & multicolored 10-won stamp (Scott #875) was issued by the Republic of Korea (대한민국/大韓民國), what we usually refer to as South Korea, on October 12, 1973, along with a souvenir sheet (Scott #875a) including two copies of this stamp. These promoted Philatelic Week, running from October 12 to 18, and are perforated 13½ x 13.

Stamp digitally cropped from South Korea Scott #875a (1973) souvenir sheet
Stamp digitally cropped from South Korea Scott #875a (1973) souvenir sheet

Before I start in on my paperwork, this is a good opportunity to reveal some upcoming plans for this blog. Last October, I devoted nearly the entire month to posts featuring stamps of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej who was laid to rest following a year-long mourning period in an elaborate cremation on October 27, 2017.

Similarly, I’d like to devote most of this October to a single theme. At the present, I’m torn between two ideas. The first idea would commemorate National Stamp Collecting Month (marked not only in the United States but also the Philippines and elsewhere) with a different stamp each day illustrating either the hobby of philately itself or within the stamps on stamps topical. My second idea is to mark Oktoberfest with almost an entire month of stamps featuring German subjects (I’ve obtained a great number of stamps from Germany and related areas over the past few months). Please let me know which of these themes you would prefer by commenting below.

Also in the near future are a few new stamp entities articles (the Free City of Danzig, for example), including several local posts from “locations” you may not have heard of. I’ve long been interested in local post stamps and have a fair-sized collection of Lundy Island issues. These inspired me to create a few of my own starting about five years ago. These were printed rather crudely at home (imperforate, of course) first on plain paper and later on sticker paper; some of the latter were produced for an English Camp I ran with the students getting a stamp from each of several stations which was then “postmarked” in the camp passport as indication they had completed that particular activity. Those were all under the name of “Muang Phuket Local Post” and I designed stamps for it until early 2016.

Last month, I found a firm in Germany that could produce perforated and gummed “stamps” from my designs for a (very) reasonable price and that caused a burst of late-night creativity, the result of which are currently being printed. This company sent me a packet of samples they’d produced under the names of several different micronations, a number of which are interesting enough that I’d like to feature them here on ASAD. I may even include one or two of mine, when they arrive. The Muang Phuket Local Post stamps are now considered “forerunners” with one of my previous designs given a provisional overprint bearing the new local post name of “Phuketia”” (pronounced Boo-get-cha). I do enjoy this although it’s not really philately. Or is it? Comment below with your thoughts…..

Flag of the Republic of Korea
Flag of the Republic of Korea
Emblem of South Korea
Emblem of South Korea
Emblem of Republica Phuketia, a micronation incorporating the Muang Phuket Local Post created by American expatriate Mark Joseph Jochim
Emblem of Republica Phuketia, a micronation incorporating the Muang Phuket Local Post created by American expat Mark Joseph Jochim


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