Philatelic Pursuits & the Stamps of 2023

On this last day of January, I would like to alert you of one of my other stamp-related sites. Philatelic Pursuits pre-dates A Stamp A Day by about a year but it has had a rocky history. I recently rebooted the original WordPress-hosted site with a new look and a focus on recent and upcoming stamp releases for 2023.

The core of Philatelic Pursuits can be accessed through the Stamps of 2023 page. This contains links to release schedule pages for different countries, territories, and organizations that have announced release dates for stamps in 2023. New entities are being added almost daily at this point (I just found the 2023 program for Serbia and will add that later today) and the schedules themselves are updated almost as often. At present, 82 different entities are represented. French and Spanish Andorra are combined as are the schedules for the different offices of the UN; Bosnia and Herzegovina will be represented in a similar fashion.

I have also been writing articles about New Issues which illustrate the stamps and often first day covers, full sheets, etc. These are by entity and each focus on a single month’s worth of releases whether that is one stamp or many. The schedule pages contain links to my articles about those particular stamps. I have been publishing the articles on my personal site ( but will soon begin the process of moving all of the philatelic content over to Philatelic Pursuits. I will also eventually purchase my own domain for the site (which will remove the heavy advertisement content the free option peppers onto my pages).

As for A Stamp A Day, I would like to reboot it as well someday. A new “coat of paint” stimulates my creative juices but it takes a while to do a redesign that doesn’t break all of the old links and features. While I doubt that I will ever return to the daily posting schedule I maintained for 1,001 straight days at the site’s heyday, I may try to post at least one article per month here. Time will tell.

One other future plan is to start producing video content for my Philatelic Pursuits YouTube channel containing a mixture of New Issue News and perhaps a brief highlight of a stamp article from A Stamp A Day. Again, time will tell.

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