Philatelic Pursuits & the Stamps of 2023

On this last day of January, I would like to alert you of one of my other stamp-related sites. Philatelic Pursuits pre-dates A Stamp A Day by about a year but it has had a rocky history. I recently rebooted the original WordPress-hosted site with a new look and a focus on recent and upcoming stamp releases for 2023. The core of Philatelic Pursuits can … Continue reading Philatelic Pursuits & the Stamps of 2023

Stamps Everyday….On Twitter

During this lengthy stay-at-home period (I think I just passed Day 50 of being essentially unemployed), I have spent quite a bit of time online.  I am usually pursuing images and information for new stamp issues to add to my Philatelic Pursuits site. I had decided to make tracking as many 2020 stamp issues as possible my primary stamp-related goal for the year and will … Continue reading Stamps Everyday….On Twitter

A Thousand and One Posts…Going on Vacation!

According to Wikipedia, a vacation is a leave of absence from a regular occupation, or a specific trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. In the United Kingdom, the word vacation once specifically referred to the long summer break taken by the law courts and then later the term was applied to universities. The custom was introduced by William the Conqueror … Continue reading A Thousand and One Posts…Going on Vacation!

Post #1000: One Thousand (!)

As a number, one thousand seems rather insignificant. Most schools I have worked at in Thailand have had many times that number of students. A collection of just a thousand of anything seems fairly tiny. Even in terms of currency, it seems rather poor but that depends on which currency you are dealing with. The highest denomination banknote here in Thailand is one thousand baht. … Continue reading Post #1000: One Thousand (!)

Internet Problems

Throughout today and this evening, I have been experiencing severe computer and internet connectivity problems. Rather than skip the day entirely, I present just the stamp without the details. It was released by CTT Correios de Portugal SA  on October 11, 2005, as part of a set of eight portraying various media. Listed in the German-language Michel stamp catalogue as #Mi 2990, the stamp was … Continue reading Internet Problems

Royal Thai Navy / กองทัพเรือไทย

I began teaching English in Thailand in late March 2007. In recent years, many of my classes have been in non-traditional situations rather than regular in-school classrooms. Currently, I am attached to the Third Naval Area Command Headquarters of the Royal Thai Navy (กองทัพเรือไทย — Kong Thap Ruea Thai). This has been a very busy week teaching 6-hour lessons per day in English conversational skills … Continue reading Royal Thai Navy / กองทัพเรือไทย