Post #1000: One Thousand (!)

As a number, one thousand seems rather insignificant. Most schools I have worked at in Thailand have had many times that number of students. A collection of just a thousand of anything seems fairly tiny. Even in terms of currency, it seems rather poor but that depends on which currency you are dealing with. The highest denomination banknote here in Thailand is one thousand baht. … Continue reading Post #1000: One Thousand (!)

ASAD Jochim #6 (2017)

Another Break from Blogging

I’m sorry but I just can’t seem to get motivated to put together a few thousand words’ article for A Stamp A Day this rainy Friday afternoon. I just want to relax this evening. ASAD will return tomorrow to celebrate yet another birthday — a singer rather than an ocean liner — followed on Sunday with a profile of a former British crown colony which is currently … Continue reading Another Break from Blogging

1 Year of A Stamp A Day - Canada 150 and Thai National Scout Day

A Year of “A Stamp A Day”

Today marks the first anniversary of this endeavor of mine, an attempt to take a single stamp each and every day and provide a detailed account of the issuing entity’s political and postal history as well as describing whatever is portrayed upon the chosen stamp. In the past 365 days, I have published 368 entries to this blog — the majority of stamps selected, issuers researched, … Continue reading A Year of “A Stamp A Day”