Jukong Boat of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands

The jukong is a type of sailing boat found in the Australian Territory of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands where it is the preferred mode of transport across the atoll. It is more akin to the European whaleboat than to the similarly named jukung from Indonesia. The latter is also known as a cadik and is a traditional outrigger canoe used for fishing. The double outrigger … Continue reading Jukong Boat of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Cocos (Keeling) Islands #69 (1981)

The Territory of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Wilayah Pulau Cocos (Keeling) in Malay), also called Cocos Islands and Keeling Islands, is a territory of Australia, located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of Christmas Island and approximately midway between Australia and Sri Lanka. The territory consists of two atolls and 27 coral islands, of which two, West Island and Home Island, are inhabited with a total population … Continue reading Cocos (Keeling) Islands #69 (1981)

Christmas Island #233 (1989)

Christmas Island #233 (1989)

I recently received a couple of letters from friends in Australia, the envelopes of which bear stamps of Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands along with those from Australia. These Australian dependencies in the Indian Ocean (as well as Norfolk Island in the South Pacific) have their stamps issued by Australia Post; these are valid for use in Australia and its other territories and vice versa. … Continue reading Christmas Island #233 (1989)