Monte Carlo Auto Rally

On January 21, 1911, the first Monte Carlo Rally began. The Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo is a rallying event organized each year by the Automobile Club de Monaco which also organizes the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix and the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique. The rally now takes place along the French Riviera in the Principality of Monaco and southeast France. Previously, competitors would set off from … Continue reading Monte Carlo Auto Rally

The First Car Race & the Early Years of German Motorsports

Motor racing dates back to the days of the early motor car itself. Back then, however, it wasn’t motor racing as we know it today. There were cars which were far from sophisticated. They were huge gas guzzlers and low on power. They were unreliable and would break down at any time. They even lacked bare essentials like the windscreen, and a proper cockpit. The … Continue reading The First Car Race & the Early Years of German Motorsports

The First Car?

Perhaps the single element of stamp collecting that I enjoy the most is that I am constantly learning new and interesting things with the stamps as my teachers. My knowledge of geography, history, personages both obscure and well-known, and technology have all been enhanced if not outright derived from my love of philately. All it takes is some design element printed on these tiny bits … Continue reading The First Car?