A Thousand and One Posts…Going on Vacation!

According to Wikipedia, a vacation is a leave of absence from a regular occupation, or a specific trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. In the United Kingdom, the word vacation once specifically referred to the long summer break taken by the law courts and then later the term was applied to universities. The custom was introduced by William the Conqueror … Continue reading A Thousand and One Posts…Going on Vacation!

Post #1000: One Thousand (!)

As a number, one thousand seems rather insignificant. Most schools I have worked at in Thailand have had many times that number of students. A collection of just a thousand of anything seems fairly tiny. Even in terms of currency, it seems rather poor but that depends on which currency you are dealing with. The highest denomination banknote here in Thailand is one thousand baht. … Continue reading Post #1000: One Thousand (!)

Chinese New Year 2019 / วันตรุษจีน 2562 ประวัติวันตรุษจีน

Happy Chinese New Year! Thailand, and particularly places like Phuket where I live, has a very large Thai-Chinese population stemming from migrations in the late 19th century who arrived to work in the tin mines. My tiny lane just to the north of the historical district of the provincial capital has several Chinese clan shrines which have been setting off fireworks every hour since yesterday … Continue reading Chinese New Year 2019 / วันตรุษจีน 2562 ประวัติวันตรุษจีน

Welcome to November! It’s Back-to-School Time in Thailand!

It’s November and, in Thailand, that means the second term of the school year starts tomorrow — at least in the majority of government-operated schools in Phuket. I had a relatively relaxing October, teaching a few business classes on the weekends and a lot of downtime in between (as deputy head teacher for a large language school and teaching agency, I do still have to … Continue reading Welcome to November! It’s Back-to-School Time in Thailand!

Brief Blogging Break Redux

After some minutes of deliberation, I have decided to take a brief blogging break, the first one in the 14-month life of ‘A Stamp A Day’. It is already after 5:00 pm here in Thailand and the prospect of pounding away at the keyboard on a Saturday night after a long day teaching just doesn’t appeal to me. Particularly after yesterday’s (and last night’s) Titanic … Continue reading Brief Blogging Break Redux

From the Collection of Mark Jochim...A Stamp A Day

Please Stand By….

“A Stamp A Day” is taking a brief holiday due partly because of “technical difficulties” (i.e., dismally slow Internet making it difficult to upload images) and partly because of mental exhaustion from my work as a teacher. The Kingdom of Thailand (ราชอาณาจักรไทย — Ratcha-anachak Thai in Thai) is next in the alphabetical journey through the stamp issuers in my collection. Since this has been my home for … Continue reading Please Stand By….

Great Britain #1 (1840) - control letters "MJ"

A Brief Blogging Break

No regular post with a lengthy history today. Your humble host spent most of today at Phuket Immigration Office here in southern Thailand, obtaining a new one-year extension on his Non-Immigrant (Business) visa. Tomorrow, I will make appearances at the Education Department and the Labour Office for my one-year work permit renewal. Bureaucracy! Thus, I’m much too tired to try to put together 3000 or … Continue reading A Brief Blogging Break