S.S. Royal William

Here we have another of the beautifully-engraved stamps that Canada released during the first half of the twentieth century that makes it a real joy to collect from that era. In my opinion, Scott #204 featuring the side-wheel paddle steamship Royal William of the Québec and Halifax Steam Navigation Company is nearly as beautiful as the famous Bluenose stamp of 1929 (Scott #158). It’s certainly … Continue reading S.S. Royal William

The Bluenose

There are certain stamps that are well-known by their nickname rather than any catalogue number. Probably the best example of this is the very first postage stamp issued back in 1840, the “Penny Black” of Great Britain (Scott #1). Today’s stamp, the “Bluenose” of Canada is considered by many to be that country’s most beautiful stamp, possibly the most attractive issued by any nation., Scott … Continue reading The Bluenose