South Africa #23 (1926)

Union of South Africa #23a (1926)

The Union of South Africa (Unie van Zuid-Afrika in Dutch, or Unie van Suid-Afrika in Afrikaans) is the historic predecessor to the present-day Republic of South Africa, located at the southernmost region of Africa, with a long coastline that stretches more than 1,553 miles (2,500 kilometers) and along two oceans (the South Atlantic and the Indian). It came into being on May 31, 1910, with the … Continue reading Union of South Africa #23a (1926)

British Bechuauanland #35 (1891)

British Bechaunaland #35 (1891)

British Bechuanaland was a short lived crown colony of the United Kingdom that existed in southern Africa from its formation on September 1, 1885, until its annexation to the neighboring Cape Colony on November 16, 1895. The earlier history of the region up until it’s division from the northern portion was told in an article about the Bechuanaland Protectorate published on this blog earlier this … Continue reading British Bechaunaland #35 (1891)