Comoros Islands - Michel #605 (1980)

The Conquest of Mecca

The conquest of Mecca (فتح مكة‎ — fatḥ makkah) refers to the event when Mecca was conquered by Muslims led by Muhammad on a date generally accepted as 18 Ramadan 8 AH or January 10, 630 AD, when converted to the Julian calendar. In 628, the Meccan tribe of Quraysh and the Muslim community in Medina had signed a 10-year truce called the Treaty of … Continue reading The Conquest of Mecca

Madagascar [French Colony] #150 (1930)

The editors of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue occasionally make what I consider to be rather odd decisions in their listings. The British Post Office in Siam, for example, is alphabetically listed in Volume 1 as “Bangkok” rather than under Great Britain > British Offices Abroad. In the same vein, I’ve never really agreed with the placement of the Confederate States following the listings … Continue reading Madagascar [French Colony] #150 (1930)

Anjouan #4 (1892)

Anjouan #4 (1892)

Anjouan is the easternmost of the Comoro Islands (Shikomori Komori in the Comorian language, جزر القمر ‎‎or Juzur al-Qamar in Arabic, Les Comores in French), an archipelago of volcanic islands off the south-east coast of Africa, to the east of Mozambique and north-west of Madagascar.  The island is also known as Ndzuwani or Nzwani, and its chief town is Mutsamudu. The total area of the island is 424 square kilometers (163 … Continue reading Anjouan #4 (1892)