Principality of Sealand

It has been a long time since I added a new “stamp issuers” article on ASAD as most of my recent collecting activities have revolved around adding to existing collections. A recent acquistion, however, included a large number of stamps from the Geneva and Vienna offices of the United Nations (both of which will feature in their own “issuers” articles in the near future) as … Continue reading Principality of Sealand

Jacques Cartier’s Voyages to Canada

On May 10, 1534, French explorer Jacques Cartier arrived off the coast of Newfoundland following a 20-day voyage from Saint-Malo, France, accompanied by two ships and 61 men. He had been commissioned by King François of France to search for a passage to Cathay (the Orient), either around or through the New World. If no route could be found, then Cartier was to seek out riches, … Continue reading Jacques Cartier’s Voyages to Canada

The First Voyage of James Cook

On August 26, 1768, the British Royal Navy ship HMS Endeavour departed from Plymouth-Dock (Devonport), England, carrying 94 people and 18 months of provisions starting the first of three Pacific voyages of which James Cook was the commander. The aims of this expedition were to observe the transit of Venus across the Sun (June 2-3, 1769) and to seek evidence of the postulated Terra Australis … Continue reading The First Voyage of James Cook

Aitutaki #30 (1920)

James Cook’s Third Voyage

On July 12, 1776, James Cook departed from Plymouth, England, and his third (and final voyage), taking the route via Cape Town and Tenerife to New Zealand and the Hawaiian Islands, and along the North American coast to the Bering Strait. Its ostensible purpose was to return Omai, a young man from Raiatea to his homeland, but the Admiralty used this as a cover for their … Continue reading James Cook’s Third Voyage

Mozambique #284 (1938)

Mozambique #284 (1938)

Portuguese Mozambique or Portuguese East Africa (Moçambique or África Oriental Portuguesa) are the common terms by which Mozambique is designated when referring to the historic period when it was a Portuguese overseas territory. Portuguese Mozambique constituted a string of Portuguese colonies and later a single Portuguese overseas province along the south-east African coast, which now forms the Republic of Mozambique (República de Moçambique).  It was … Continue reading Mozambique #284 (1938)