U.S.A. Wins the Gold!

On February 24, 1980, at Lake Placid in upstate New York, the United States Olympic Hockey Team defeated Finland 4–2 to win the gold medal. The U.S. team had beat the team from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) two nights previously in a game since called the “Miracle on Ice.” The final rankings were based on points accumulated in matches against the other … Continue reading U.S.A. Wins the Gold!

A Month of Christmas: The Finnish Joulu

Jul or jol is the term used for the Christmas holiday season in most of Scandinavia and parts of Scotland. Originally, “jul” was the name of a month in the old Germanic calendar. The concept of “jul” as a period of time rather than a specific event prevailed in Scandinavia; in modern times, Jul is a period of time stretching from mid-November to mid-January, with … Continue reading A Month of Christmas: The Finnish Joulu

Cargo Sailing Ship “Skuta” of the Åland Islands

Today’s “random stamp” entry represents a true rarity in the more than two-year history of A Stamp A Day. No, the stamp itself is far from rare having been issued by Åland-Post on March 1, 1995, and currently cataloguing for U.S. $1.10 mint and $1.00 used. However, despite numerous different search parameters, I could find absolutely nothing about its subject matter nor those of the other … Continue reading Cargo Sailing Ship “Skuta” of the Åland Islands

Åland Islands #72d (1993)

Åland Islands #72d (1993)

The Åland Islands are an archipelago situated at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia.  It became an autonomous province of Finland in 1921.  Autonomy means that Åland has its own parliament (Lagtinget, formerly the county council) and a government (provincial government, formerly the provincial authority). In 1954 the region got its own official flag.  It also has its own police force and its residents … Continue reading Åland Islands #72d (1993)