United States - Scott #726 (1933)

James Oglethorpe & the Royal Charter for Georgia

On June 9, 1739, the privy council of King George II finalized the corporate charter for the Province of Georgia. This royal charter was granted to General James Oglethorpe on April 21, 1732, for land lying between the Savannah and Altamaha rivers. Oglethorpe envisioned a colony which would serve as a haven for English subjects who had been imprisoned for debt. General Oglethorpe imposed very strict … Continue reading James Oglethorpe & the Royal Charter for Georgia

The Death of FDR

On the afternoon of April 12, 1945, while staying at the Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia, the United States of America’s stamp collecting president — Franklin Delano Roosevelt — said, “I have a terrific headache.” He then slumped forward in his chair, unconscious, and was carried into his bedroom. The president’s attending cardiologist, Dr. Howard Bruenn, diagnosed the medical emergency as a massive cerebral hemorrhage. … Continue reading The Death of FDR

Democratic Republic of Georgia #17 (1919)

Democratic Republic of Georgia #17 (1919)

The Democratic Republic of Georgia (Sakartvelos Demokratiuli Respublika — საქართველოს დემოკრატიული რესპუბლიკა, or DRG) was created after the collapse of the Russian Empire that began with the Russian Revolution of 1917 and existed from May 1918 to February 1921. It was the first modern establishment of a Republic of Georgia. Its borders were with the Kuban People’s Republic and the Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus in … Continue reading Democratic Republic of Georgia #17 (1919)