Mutiny on HMAV Bounty

The British ship Bounty and the famous mutiny have been mentioned several times on A Stamp A Day, most significantly in stamp-issuer articles about Pitcairn and Norfolk islands as well as one about the death of Captain Bligh himself. It is a subject that has fascinated me since reading Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall’s Bounty Trilogy as a child, resulting in Pitcairn Island comprising … Continue reading Mutiny on HMAV Bounty

The Death of Captain Bligh

Today is the 200th anniversary of the death of William Bligh, best kbown as the British Royal Navy officer in command of HMAV Bounty during the mutiny aboard that ship in 1789. After being set adrift in Bounty‘s> launch by the mutineers, Bligh and his loyal men reached Timor, a journey of 3,618 nautical miles (4,164 miles or 6,701 kilometers). Seventeen years after the Bounty mutiny, on August 13, … Continue reading The Death of Captain Bligh

Aitutaki #33 (1920)

Aitutaki #33 (1920)

Aitutaki is an “almost-atoll” in the Cook Islands group, probably first settled around AD 900, with the first known European contact occurring when Captain Bligh and the crew of HMS Bounty arrived on 11 April 1789, just prior to the infamous mutiny.  A British Protectorate was declared over the 15 islands of the Cook group on 20 September 1888. On 9 October 1900, Aitutaki became the only one of the … Continue reading Aitutaki #33 (1920)