Kansas City Chiefs, My Hometown Team

I’ve never been a big fan of sports. I only watch baseball and American football (and whatever Olympic Games sports broadcast in English in Thailand). Despite having been born in Dallas, I was never that big of a Cowboys fan. We moved away from Texas before I turned turn years old. Yet, I am a diehard fan of the Kansas City Royals and the Kansas … Continue reading Kansas City Chiefs, My Hometown Team

United States #1322 (1967)

Mary Cassatt “The Boating Party”

Did anybody ever tell you that you look a little like Mary Cassatt a mother and a child arranged, estranged a mere brush stroke apart while underneath your varnish hides an unpossessible soul you remind me of someone I don’t know who somebody who’s so hard to know —”You Remind Me of Someone” (lyrics ©1994 by Bob Walkenhorst; from The Rainmakers album Flirting With The Universe (Mercury Records, … Continue reading Mary Cassatt “The Boating Party”