Who Was Turdakun Usubaliev?

Kyrgyzstan: Turdakun Usubaliev, 05 November 2019. Image from GULFMANN STAMPS WORLD.

First, I have a confession to make. I do not actually own any of the philatelic items depicted in today’s article.  I discovered them on another blog dedicated to new issues in my endless quest for interesting stamps.  As I often do, I wondered, “Who is this person?”  The fact that the stamp pictured above is being released by one of the two postal operators in Kyrgyzstan on this very day — 5 November 2019 — prompted me to find out with the aim of putting together A Stamp A Day’s first article in quite some time.

My only real connection to the issuing entity itself is that my company employed a Kyrgyz national last year whom I trained to work at our various English camps.  His homeland is an intriguing place so let us begin with a bit of background before we get to the subject of today’s stamp. Continue reading “Who Was Turdakun Usubaliev?”

The Birth Anniversary of J.R.R. Tolkien

There are many days where it can be difficult to find a single stamp in my collection to match an anniversary of an event, a birth, or occasionally a death on a particular date. When this occurs, I usually pick a “random stamp” portraying something not usually associated with a date such as an animal, fruit or place. However, there are days when I need … Continue reading The Birth Anniversary of J.R.R. Tolkien

Kyrgyzstan #B8 (1995)

Kyrgyzstan #B8 (1995)

Kyrgyzstan (Кыргызстан in Kyrgz, Киргизия in Russian), officially the Kyrgyz Republic (Кыргыз Республикасы — Kırgız Respublikası in Kyrgyz, Кыргызская Республика — Kyrgyzskaya Respublika in Russian), formerly known as Kirghizia, is a country in Central Asia. Landlocked and mountainous, Kyrgyzstan is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west and southwest, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the east. Kyrgyzstan is farther from the sea than … Continue reading Kyrgyzstan #B8 (1995)