Trengganu [Malaysian State] #101 (1971)

Trengganu [Malaysian State] #101 (1971)

Terengganu (ترڠڬانو, in Jawi)), formerly spelled Trengganu or Tringganu, is a sultanate and constitutive state of federal Malaysia. The state is also known by its Arabic honorific, Dāru l-Īmān (“Abode of Faith”). The coastal city of Kuala Terengganu which stands at the mouth of the broad Terengganu River is both the state and royal capital as well as the largest city in Terengganu. There are … Continue reading Trengganu [Malaysian State] #101 (1971)

Straits Settlements #15 (1867)

The Straits Settlements #15 (1867)

The Straits Settlements (نݢري٢ سلت — Negeri-negeri Selat in Malay or 叻嶼呷/海峽殖民地in Chinese) were a group of British territories located in Southeast Asia. Originally established in 1826 as part of the territories controlled by the British East India Company, the Straits Settlements came under direct British control as a Crown colony on April 1, 1867. The colony was dissolved in 1946 as part of the British … Continue reading The Straits Settlements #15 (1867)

Selangor #126 (1965)

Selangor [Malaysian State] #126 (1965)

Selangor,  also known by its Arabic honorific, Darul Ehsan (سلاڠور دار الإحسان) or “Abode of Sincerity”, is one of the 13 states of Malaysia. It is on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and is bordered by Perak to the north, Pahang to the east, Negeri Sembilan to the south and the Strait of Malacca to the west. It surrounds the federal territories of Kuala … Continue reading Selangor [Malaysian State] #126 (1965)

Sabah #45 (1986)

Sabah [Malaysian State] #45 (1986)

Sabah is one of the two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo (Sarawak being the other). It is situated in northern Borneo, bordering the state of Sarawak to the southwest, Kalimantan of Indonesia to the south, while separated by sea from the Federal Territory of Labuan. Sabah shares maritime borders with Vietnam in the west and the Philippines to the north and east. Kota … Continue reading Sabah [Malaysian State] #45 (1986)

Perak #155 (1979)

Perak [State of Malaysia] #155 (1979)

Perak #155 (1979) Perak (ڤراق in Jawi, 霹雳 in Chinese, and பேராக் in Tamil) also known by its honorific, Darul Ridzuan, or “Abode of Grace”, one of the 13 states of Malaysia, is the fourth largest state in the country. It borders Kedah at the north; Thai Yala Province to the northeast; Penang to the northwest; Kelantan and Pahang to the east; Selangor to the … Continue reading Perak [State of Malaysia] #155 (1979)

Penang #92 (1986)

Penang [State of Malaysia] #92 (1986)

As a part of Malaysia, the State of Penang is often referred to by the modern Malay name Pulau Pinang, which means ‘the island of the areca nut palm’ (Areca catechu of the Palmae family). The name Penang may refer either to Penang Island or the State of Penang. Penang is also known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, 东方之珠 and Pulau Pinang Pulau Mutiara (Penang Island, … Continue reading Penang [State of Malaysia] #92 (1986)

Penang #46 (1957)

Penang [State of Malaya] #46 (1957)

Formerly a member of the Straits Settlements, the former Crown Colony of Penang — along with the coastal strip known as Province Welleseley — became a state of the Federation of Malaya in 1949. When Malaya achieved its independence from the United Kingdom in 1957, Penang was integrated as part of the federation, which was renamed Malaysia when it merged with the territories 0f British Borneo in 1963. … Continue reading Penang [State of Malaya] #46 (1957)

Pahang #118 (1986)

Pahang [State of Malaysia] #118 (1986)

Pahang (ڤهڠ in Jawi, orڤهڠ دار المعمور — Pahang Darul Makmur with the Arabic honorific meaning “Abode of Tranquility”) is the third largest state in Malaysia, after Sarawak and Sabah, and the largest in Peninsular Malaysia. The state occupies the huge Pahang River river basin. It is bordered to the north by Kelantan, to the west by Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, to the south by Johor and to … Continue reading Pahang [State of Malaysia] #118 (1986)