General Douglas MacArthur

Douglas MacArthur was born January 26, 1880, at Little Rock Barracks, Little Rock, Arkansas, to Arthur MacArthur, Jr., a U.S. Army captain, and his wife, Mary Pinkney Hardy MacArthur (nicknamed “Pinky”). Arthur, Jr. was the son of Scottish-born jurist and politician Arthur MacArthur, Sr., Arthur would later receive the Medal of Honor for his actions with the Union Army in the Battle of Missionary Ridge … Continue reading General Douglas MacArthur

Commonwealth of the Philippines #415 (1936) – Fort Santiago

I have very few stamps from the Philippines in my collection and most are in rather poor condition. Last night, I happened upon an article about Manila’s Fort Santiago and remembered that I owned a stamp portraying this old Spanish citadel. I thought it would be a good topic for a “random stamp day”. My copy of Scott #387, issued under the U.S. administration of … Continue reading Commonwealth of the Philippines #415 (1936) – Fort Santiago