300th Post for ‘A Stamp A Day’!

This entry marks a milestone of sorts; it’s my 300th published entry for “A Stamp A Day”, a blog I debuted back on July 1, 2016. I have managed to publish an entry every single day since that time; twice, I created two articles in one day. In that time, I have compiled entries detailing the histories (political and postal) of just shy of 200 … Continue reading 300th Post for ‘A Stamp A Day’!

Thailand #1104 (1985)

The Battle of Thalang

March 13 each year is celebrated on Phuket island in southern Thailand as Thalang Victory Day, commemorating the 1785 defeat of the local inhabitants over a superior Burmese invasion force. The island had been attacked shortly after the governor of Muang Thalang — a district of the province then known as Junkceylon — had died. His wife, Than Phuying Chan (ท่านผู้หญิงจัน), and her sister, Khun Mook (คุณมุก), gathered together … Continue reading The Battle of Thalang

Thailand #2211a (2005) [cropped single]

Boxing Day Tsunami 2004

 The events of December 26, 2004, in the Andaman Region of the Indian Ocean and surrounding areas changed my life. For this was the day — the day following Christmas, traditionally termed Boxing Day by the British and her former colonies — that a massive earthquake of between 9.1 and 9.3 magnitude occurred under the sea bed off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The quake riggered a series … Continue reading Boxing Day Tsunami 2004