Zambezia #13 (1898)

Zambezia was a district of Mozambique Province and a part of the Portuguese East Africa Colony.  The Portuguese government-issued separate postage stamps for it starting in 1894. The postal districts of Quelimane and Tete were created from parts of Zambezia in about 1913. Mozambique stamps replaced stamps of Zambezia around 1920. Currently, Zambezia is the second most-populous province of Mozambique, located in the central coastal region south-west of Nampula Province and north-east of Sofala Province. It had a population of 3,85 million as … Continue reading Zambezia #13 (1898)

Mozambique Company #165 (1935)

One of the very first stamps I remember adding to my stamp collection as a boy of nine or ten was a stamp from the Mozambique Company, one of those stamp-issuing entities that wasn’t even a colony or country. The stamp was a beautifully-engraved bicolored stamp, in a triangular shape and pictured a coiled snake — a rock python. I don’t recall the denomination or colors; … Continue reading Mozambique Company #165 (1935)