National Stamp Collecting Month: The Post Rider

Today’s article follows yesterday’s with its history of the earliest forms of postal systems and features a German Stamp Day (Tag der Briefmarke) issue portraying a post rider.  Horses were a primary method of delivering mail and messages for many years in different countries around the world. Riders on horseback could take small bundles quickly, while carts pulled by horses could take large amounts of … Continue reading National Stamp Collecting Month: The Post Rider

The Post Horn

To most people, the post horn is an antique object rarely encountered. To most stamp collectors, it is a design element most often found gracing older stamps or within the modernized logos of many postal services around the world. If certain specialized philatelists, the post horn represents a lifetime of collecting pleasure. When I was a budding collector in rural Tennessee circa 1974-1975, I was … Continue reading The Post Horn