Songkran / สงกรานต์

Today is the start of the three-day Songkran Festival (Tesakan Songkran — เทศกาลสงกรานต์,) which is the Thai New Year (2018 is year BE 2561). This means that I actually have a few days off from work as well! In recent years, Songkran has strayed from its iconic rituals of lightly sprinkling water on Buddha statues and the young and elderly, representing purification and the washing away of … Continue reading Songkran / สงกรานต์

วันมาฆบูชา / Makha Bucha Day

Today is the full moon of the third Thai lunar month (called simply duean song, or “month 3”), which is celebrated here — and in other Buddhist nations such as Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar — as Wan Makha Bucha (วันมาฆบูชา), the second most important Buddhist festival. The spiritual aims of the day are not to commit any kind of sins; do only good; purify one’s mind. Also … Continue reading วันมาฆบูชา / Makha Bucha Day

Happy Birthday, Sirikit – Thai Mothers Day

August 12 is designated in Thailand as National Mother’s Day (วันแม่แห่งชาติ — Wan Mae Haeng Chat) which commemorates the birthday in 1932 of Sirikit (สิริกิติ์). the queen dowager of Thailand. Born as Mom Rajawongse (“The Honorable”) Sirikit Kitiyakara, she was the queen consort of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej (or Rama IX) — the world’s longest-reigning head of state at the time of his death on October 13, 2016 … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Sirikit – Thai Mothers Day

Thailand #2235 (2006)

Visakhapuja Day / วันวิสาขบูชา

Each year on the full moon of the sixth Thai lunar month, Thailand participates in the Buddhist observance of Visakhapuja Day (วันวิสาขบูชา — Wan Visakhabucha) commemorating the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Buddha. It is also observed as Thai National Tree Day (วันต้นไม้แห่งชาติ — Wan Tonmai Haeng Chart). Vesak (Vesākha in Pali and Vaiśākha in Sanskrit), also known as Buddha Purnima and Buddha Day, is a holiday … Continue reading Visakhapuja Day / วันวิสาขบูชา

Thailand #280 (1950)

The Holiday That Was: Coronation Day / วันฉัตรมงคล

On May 5, 1950, His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej became the ninth king of the Chakri Dynasty amidst elaborate coronation ceremonies held in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. The anniversary was celebrated throughout the Kingdom between 1951 and 2016 as Coronation Day (วันฉัตรมงคล — Wan Chat Mongkol), and observed at the Grand Palace by a series of religious rites lasting for three days … Continue reading The Holiday That Was: Coronation Day / วันฉัตรมงคล

Thailand #2266 (2006)

Thai National Police Day / วันตำรวจ

Thailand has many national observances, that are regulated by government, but they are not always observed as actual holidays. One such observance is National Police Day (Wan Tamruat — วันตำรวจ), held annually on October 13 since 1915. National Police Day is celebrated in Thailand in various ways. Every city and police station of the Royal Thai Police organizes its own ceremonies and presentations, that mainly make an … Continue reading Thai National Police Day / วันตำรวจ

Thailand #1170 (1987) - digitally cropped

National Youth Day / วันเยาวชนแห่งชาติ

Each year on September 20th, Thailand celebrates the birthdates of two former kings — Chlalongkorn (Rama V) and Ananda Mahidol (Rama VIII) — with the observance of National Youth Day (Wan Yaowachon Haeng Chat — วันเยาวชนแห่งชาติ). The United Nations had proclaimed 1985 as International Youth Year and invited its members to celebrate the year under the slogan, “Participation, Development and Peace”. Thailand decided to participate by designating … Continue reading National Youth Day / วันเยาวชนแห่งชาติ

Thailand #1747 (1997)

Happy Asanha Bucha Day / สุขสันต์วันอาสาฬหบูชา

Today is an important Buddhist holiday in Thailand, where I’ve lived for more than a decade now. Asanha Bucha Day (วันอาสาฬหบูชา) is a Theravada Buddhist festival which typically takes place in July, on the full moon of the eighth lunar month.  Also known as Dharma Day, it’s one of Theravada Buddhism’s most important festivals, celebrating the Buddha’s first sermon in which he set out to his five former associates … Continue reading Happy Asanha Bucha Day / สุขสันต์วันอาสาฬหบูชา