Basket Weaving

When I received this particular stamp in a mixture earlier this year, my first thought was of the old idiom about a major in “underwater basket weaving” indicating a decline in academic standards (Wikipedia actually cites a 1956 article in The American Philatelist as a possible origin of the phrase!).  Actually, the process of weaving or sewing pliable materials into two- or three dimensional artefacts, … Continue reading Basket Weaving

Tokelau #83 (1982)

Tokelau is an island country and dependent territory of New Zealand in the southern Pacific Ocean. It consists of three tropical coral atolls (Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo), with a combined land area of 4.2 square miles (10.8 km²) and a population of approximately 1,500 people. Its capital rotates yearly between the three atolls. Tokelau lies north of the Samoan Islands, Swains Island being the nearest, … Continue reading Tokelau #83 (1982)