Liverpool and Manchester Railway

The Liverpool and Manchester Railway opened on September 15, 1830, connecting the major industrial city of Manchester with the nearest deep water port at the Port of Liverpool, 35 miles (56 km) away. Although horse-drawn railways already existed elsewhere, and a few industrial sites already used primitive steam locomotives for bulk haulage, the L&M was first railway to rely exclusively on steam power, with no horse-drawn … Continue reading Liverpool and Manchester Railway

The Siemens Velaro ICE 3 (Class 403) High-Speed Train

I’ve been enamored of different modes of transport for my entire life. While watercraft, particularly the classic transatlantic ocean liners, have always been my favorite type of vehicle, trains are a close second. I have memories of visiting the railyards of Dallas, Texas, with my father and sister at a very young age to look at the steam engines kept on the back lots and … Continue reading The Siemens Velaro ICE 3 (Class 403) High-Speed Train

The Jersey Eastern Railway

In the 19th century, the population of the Channel Island of Jersey increased rapidly and the main town of St. Helier expanded with many new streets in the middle portion of the century. Two railways, the Jersey Western Railway in 1870, and the Jersey Eastern Railway in 1874, were opened. The western railway operated from St Helier (Weighbridge) to La Corbière and the eastern railway from … Continue reading The Jersey Eastern Railway