Otakar Jaroš

One of the first full sets of stamps from what was then Czechoslovakia that I recall obtaining was the 1945 issue portraying various personnel who had served during World War II. The first thing that interested me was that these were real, named, people. These weren’t the usual stamp subjects of generals, admirals and other commanders as their ranks ranged from a private in the … Continue reading Otakar Jaroš

Ukraine - Christmas (2014)

Ukraine – Christmas 2014

Christmas in August? Well, it is very hot in Thailand right now. . . plus, this is the only stamp I own from the post-1991 independent republic of Ukraine (Україна — Ukraina), aside from a few on-cover definitives. I happen to like Christmas stamps as a topical, so there you go. Sometimes called the Ukraine, it is a sovereign state in Eastern Europe, bordered by Russia … Continue reading Ukraine – Christmas 2014

Ukraine Under German Occupation #N45 (1941)

Ukraine Under German Occupation #N45 (1941)

During World War II, Reichskommissariat Ukraine (abbreviated as RKU), was the civilian occupation regime of much of German-occupied Ukraine. It excluded several parts of present-day Ukraine, and included some territories outside of its modern borders. It extended in the west from the Volhynia region around Lutsk, to a line from Vinnytsia to Mykolaiv along the Southern Bug river in the south, to the areas surrounding … Continue reading Ukraine Under German Occupation #N45 (1941)