United Nations European Office Sc#7O34-37

I wrote lengthy articles about the commemoration of United Nations Day on October 24 for this blog in 2016 and 2018. Today’s post (my first on A Stamp A Day in more than two years) features a “new entity” in the form of a back-of-the-book classification for Switzerland. Prior to the first stamps for the United Nations Offices at Geneva being issued in 1969, Swiss … Continue reading United Nations European Office Sc#7O34-37

Post #998: World Water Day

World Water Day is an annual United Nations observance day (always on March 22) that highlights the importance of freshwater. The day is used to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. World Water Day is celebrated around the world with a variety of events. These can be educational, theatrical, musical or lobbying in nature. The day can also include campaigns to raise money … Continue reading Post #998: World Water Day

International Mother Language Day

Languages, with their complex implications for identity, communication, social integration, education and development, are of strategic importance for people and planet. Yet, due to globalization processes, they are increasingly under threat, or disappearing altogether. When languages fade, so does the world’s rich tapestry of cultural diversity. Opportunities, traditions, memory, unique modes of thinking and expression — valuable resources for ensuring a better future — are … Continue reading International Mother Language Day

UNESCO and the World Heritage Site at Kotor

Until just a couple of months ago, I did not know that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), or Organisation des Nations unies pour l’éducation, la science et la culture as it is called in French, has issued its own postage stamps since 1961. These are valid for postage only on mail posted from UNESCO Headquarters or Maison de l’UNESCO at number … Continue reading UNESCO and the World Heritage Site at Kotor

United Nations Day 2018

October 24 — United Nations Day — marks the anniversary of the entry into force in 1945 of the Charter of the United Nations. With the ratification of this founding document by the majority of its signatories, including the five permanent members of the Security Council, the United Nations officially came into being, The day  is devoted to making known to people of the world the … Continue reading United Nations Day 2018

International Literacy Day

September 8 was declared International Literacy Day by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on October 26, 1966, at the 14th session of UNESCO’s General conference. It was celebrated for the first time in 1967. Its aim is to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies. Celebrations take place in several countries. Literacy is traditionally meant as the ability to … Continue reading International Literacy Day

World Humanitarian Day

August 19 is designated by the United Nations as World Humanitarian Day, a day dedicated to recognize humanitarian personnel and those who have lost their lives working for humanitarian causes. It was observed for the first time on this date in 2009, resulting as part of the Swedish-sponsored UN General Assembly Resolution A/63/L.49 on the Strengthening of the Coordination of Emergency Assistance of the United Nations.. … Continue reading World Humanitarian Day