Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day once again! This morning, there were “Day of Love” activities at my school and I have a special dinner planned this evening. Thus, I have decided to keep today’s article relatively brief, and largely photographic in nature. After all, there have been ASAD entries about this particular holiday in 2017 and 2018 as well as several articles on Philatelic Pursuits here and … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

Thailand’s Day of Love and Singles Appreciation Day

Once again, it is time for the Feast of Saint Valentine or, as we call it in Thailand, the Day of Love (วันรัก — Wan Rak), better known universally as Valentine’s Day (วันวาเลนไทน์ — Wan Walentine in Thai). The holiday is extremely popular throughout Asia, particularly in China and South Korea as well as my adopted home of Thailand, predominantly a Buddhist nation. Most people … Continue reading Thailand’s Day of Love and Singles Appreciation Day

Thailand Post #TH-1034b (2014)

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14. It originated as a Western Christian liturgical feast day honoring one or more early saints named Valentinus, and is recognized as a significant cultural and commercial celebration in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country. The day … Continue reading Valentine’s Day