United States #1261 (1965)

The Battle of New Orleans

On January 8, 1815,  Andrew Jackson led American forces in victory over the British in the Battle of New Orleans, the final major battle of the War of 1812, and the most one-sided battle of that war. American combatants, commanded by Major General Andrew Jackson, prevented an overwhelming British force, commanded by Admiral Alexander Cochrane and General Edward Pakenham, from seizing New Orleans and the vast territory the … Continue reading The Battle of New Orleans

United States #791 (1937)

USS United States and the Capture of HMS Macedonian

On October 25, 1812, the frigate USS United States captured HMS Macedonian of the Royal Navy in a naval action fought near Madeira, an island in the north Atlantic, southwest of Portugal. The United States was commanded by Stephen Decatur, and HMS Macedonian was under the command of John Surman Carden. The American vessel won the long bloody battle, capturing and bringing Macedonian back to the United States. It was … Continue reading USS United States and the Capture of HMS Macedonian